First edition of The aGGiE Brickyard is published!

Welcome to the first edition of The aGGiE Brickyard!

From the editors (John Mola, Matt Williamson, Ryan Peek, & Madeline Gottlieb):

“Not so long ago, the students of the Ecology Graduate Group put together a quarterly newsletter known as The Egg. The Egg showcased the scientific, artistic, comedic, and general brilliance of the students and faculty of the Ecology Graduate Group. Beyond just a reflection of the community of ecologists at UC Davis, The Egg provided a forum for student and faculty interaction that helped to strengthen our community comparateur viagra. In that spirit, we decided to revive the student publication and bring you The Aggie Brickyard. We hope that this publication can serve an important role in the beautiful, large, (at times) amorphous, force of ecological research and social revelry that is the Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis.”

Without further ado… The aGGiE Brickyard — Volume 001 — Winter 2016


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