Second volume of The aGGiE Brickyard is published!

REVISION July 11, 2016: We made an error in the author order on page 6. Mikaela Huntzinger should be listed as the primary author, and the PDF has been corrected to reflect this.

From the editors (John Mola, Matt Williamson, Ryan Peek, & Madeline Gottlieb):

“Another quarter has come and gone, and we enter the summer chaos of field work, analysis, writing, and catching up on all that reading you planned on doing during the quarter. Or maybe none of those things. Hopefully it will at least provide a change of pace from the academic quarter that seems to speed past. For this issue we wanted to provide some different viewpoints on peer reviews, along with the usual interesting pieces on field research, community activities, and some alumni perspectives.

Since reviews and reviewing journal manuscripts are a key piece of the professional and academic responsibility we all (should) share, it seemed important to think about how the review system works (or doesn’t), what we should expect as grad students, post-docs, and potentially as editors. We received some very thoughtful insight from our own GGE Chair, Dr. Ted Grosholz, as well as Dr. Mary Cadenasso about the review process and some tips for navigating the responsibility and time commitment that reviews can require.

We’ve also gotten some great art and photography in this issue, as well as our first ecology crossword, courtesy of Allie Weill! Please enjoy this issue (and your summer) and we look forward to hearing your feedback or as future contributors. We hope The Aggie Brickyard can continue to serve as a conduit among students and faculty allowing us to bridge knowledge gaps and leverage the diversity of expertise we have here at UC Davis.”

Without further ado…

High resolution: The aGGiE Brickyard — Volume 002 — Spring 2016 (high res)

Lower resolution version: The aGGiE Brickyard — Volume 002 — Spring 2016 (low res)

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