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The Student Resources section of the EGSA website is a resource for all current and prospective GGE students. We welcome the contribution of all GGE students to the website! As a GGE student, you can add to the Student Resources section by posting or commenting.

Policy on posting and commenting:

Please keep in mind that this website is intended to assist and represent the entire GGE student body, which is a large group with diverse perspectives and opinions. We welcome thoughtful discussion on topics relevant to our student body, however, all posts and comments should adhere to the UC Davis Principles of Community, namely that all communication should be civil and respectful of a diverse audience, and should promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect.

In the “Student Resources” area, please separate information and opinion by keeping opinion and discussion in the comments section of each page, and only adding facts to the information section. If you’re unsure about what is what, just put your contribution in comments, we can always elevate it to the main page.

How to create and improve our Student Resources

The Student Resources section of the site is editable by any GGE student. To contribute to the site, just register with your e-mail and login.

You can edit right on the page by clicking the “Edit” flag on the right.  For more advanced editing features, such as inserting HTML, click the “Edit” button on the bottom of the page.

Blog with us!

Do you have a recent publication, or project underway that you want to share? The EGSA Blog is here to showcase GGE students and their work. Write a blog post and we’ll publish it! All GGE students with accounts can create blog posts, which we’ll post after review. Just register, login, and then start blogging here!

To maximize your exposure, we syndicate student posts to blogging networks including EcoBloggers and Research Blogging, and publicize through our twitter account.

If you already have a blog, we can help increase your visibility by syndicating your content. Give us your RSS feed, and we will syndicate your posts here and to the networks above, linking back to your own web page.

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Please register and fill out your profile so that your name, bio, picture, and website appear alongside your posts.

Questions? Contact the webmaster.

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