My talk from the Future is Here Festival

Rick Karnesky and Rebecca Cohen from Nerd Nite East Bay invited me to give a talk at an event called The Future is Here Festival. The event was run by Nerd Nite and Smithsonian Magazine, and the second day of the event was the Nerd Nite Global Fest. There were a bunch of really amazing talks, and I feel very lucky to have had an opportunity to speak with this amazing group of people. Here is my talk from the event:

ASP Student Workshop Talk on Outreach

I gave a talk on outreach through blogging and podcasting for the Student Workshop at this year’s American Society of Parasitologists conference. The slides from the presentation are available below (click on image or link).

Outreach Talk

ASP Outreach Talk slides

Thanks to Emily Kasl for inviting me to give the talk!