Resources for Students


Navigating GGE requirements and administration: A primer on the steps along the way in graduate school, and finding the right documents on the Official GGE website

Mentorship Guidelines: Some helpful advice on building a strong relationship with your major professor.

Diversity Resources within the GGE, on campus at UC Davis, and professional organizations.

Resources for San Diego State University Joint-Doctoral Students


Guide to Statistics, Modeling, and Quantitative Courses at Davis: There are MANY options for fulfilling your quantitative course requirement. We’ve collected information about these courses together along with student comments and reviews so you can compare your choices.

Ecology-Related Seminar Series

ECL290 Course Discussions


Other Student Groups: Links to websites of other groups of students often associated with the GGE.

Living in Davis: Life and Social Life for GGE students



Archives of The EGG, The EGSA’s newsletter

The GGE Logo Archive

Admisions Survivial Guide (Written prior to electronic application)

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