Diversity Resources

In the GGE

The GGE has a diversity committee which is currently in the process of transitioning from an ad-hoc committee to a permanent standing part of the GGE executive committee. Its draft bylaws state:

The Diversity Committee will work to foster appreciation for the value of diversity in the GGE, to create and sustain a supportive and inclusive environment for all members, and to diversify our membership. Specific duties of the Diversity Committee will be to 1) support enrolled students by providing information resources and social events, 2) increase awareness of diversity issues and opportunities for outreach by providing student and faculty trainings and webpage management, and 3) identify methods to increase student and faculty diversity in the GGE.

Contact Holly Hatfield or Lauren Yamane (student contact) for more information or if you have an issue to bring to the committee.

See the Diversity page for more.

Ecology Professional Resources: UCD Chapters

Diversity in Ecology at the Ecological Society of America. Sharon Strauss and Benjamin Houlton are the on-campus representatives for the ESA’s Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS) program.

AggieMentors, the Davis Chapter of the National Council for Science and the Environment EnvironMentors program

The Davis Chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos (Latinos) and Native Americans in the Sciences (SACNAS).

UC Davis ADVANCE initiatives including the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science (CAMPOS), and Inclusive Campus Climate.

On-Campus Resources

Office of Campus Community Relations

Diversity Education Program and Diversity Trainers Institute 

Student Recruitment and Retention Center, which houses the Graduate Academic Achievement & Advocacy Program (GAAAP)

Cross-Cultural Center

Graduate Ally Coalition

Women’s Resources and Research Center

LGBT Resource Center

Student Disability Center

Services for International Students and Scholars

The McNair Scholars Program for undergraduates encourages students from underrepresented groups often in graduate programs to pursue doctoral degrees

Applying to the Graduate Group in Ecology

The EGSA has an Admissions Survival Guide to assist prospective students through the application process. Written by students who have been through the UC Davis admissions process and have sat on admissions committees, this page is an important resource. It is highly recommended that interested applicants CHECK IT OUT! We suggest you get started on the application process months before the application due date; read through the Survival guide as early as September, or earlier, of the year the application is due.

Diversity Committee members can assist you in the application process or can answer questions about Davis or the GGE. Feel free to contact members of the Diversity Committee, formally or informally. We’re a resource for you to use! Let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

Students interested in visiting the campus and talking to prospective faculty advisers, graduate students in the GGE, and other members of the Davis and Ecology community are encouraged to do so at any time of the year. Visits for prospective students are encouraged early in the fall to ensure that prospective applicants have sufficient time to use advice and information obtained during the visit for the application. Funds are not available through the GGE at this time to assist prospective students in visiting the campus, but we are interested in helping in any way we can. Housing can be arranged through students, for example. Please contact us for more information about the program and visiting us!

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