Statistics Course Guide

The UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology requires two courses in quantitative methods. On these pages you will find descriptions of courses that could fulfill this requirement, as well student comments on the courses. Please add your own constructive comments and fix or let us know about outdated information.


The chart below shows the statistics courses that GGE students have taken. Note these results are self-reported.

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Courses by department

Click on a course to see a description and comments. Please add your own comments and ask questions! Reviews, descriptions, and links to professor/course/syllabus webpages are all helpful.

Important: Inclusion on this webpage is no guarantee that a course will fulfill your quantitative requirements. That is up to your committee. Also, remember that, for GGE students, your quantitative methods examiner must be a member of the GGE.

Animal Sciences




Ecology and Evolution

Economics (inc. Agricultural Economics)





Political Science

Plant Sciences



Other Davis Stats Resources

  • The UC Davis Department of Statistics has a consulting service that is free for disseration-related statistical advice. You get a 1-hour meeting with a statistician to discuss your research and they will send you a write-up of their recommendations.
  • The Davis R Users’ Group is an in-person and e-mail group for support in R programming, and its web page has a lot of R resources.

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