Official Description: Numerical methods for simulating population dynamics using the computational software package R. An emphasis will be placed on model formulation and development, theoretical concepts and philosophical principles to guide simulation efforts, and implementing simulations with R. Topics covered include simulation of difference/differential equations, matrix & continuously structured models, stochastic difference equations, and discrete/continuous-time Markov processes. Applications covered include structured population dynamics, spread of diseases, spatial spread of invasive species, population viability analysis, time series analysis of species interactions, and metapopulation and metacommunity dynamics.

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Pre-requisites: a course in theoretical ecology (e.g., ECL 231 or an equivalent to ESP 121 from your undergraduate institution) or consent of instructor; no programming experience required.

Instructors: Marissa Baskett and Sebastian Schreiber

Other info and comments: Offered every other year. Offered Winter 2015, 2017.

Software used: R

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