Official Description: Seminar—4 hours. Prerequisite: courses 211, 212. More advanced topics in the use of statistical methods, with emphasis on political applications. Topics include: properties of least squares estimates, problems in multiple regression, and advanced topics (probit analysis, simultaneous models, time-series analysis, etc.).—III.

Instructors: Let us know in the comments

Other info and comments: Old course webpage and syllabus here. Currently awaiting updates for 2013.

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Software used: R and Stata

One Response to POL213

  1. Michael Levy says:

    Good coverage of difficult material (generalized linear models, logits and their extensions). Brad has high expectations but is patient and helpful when needed. Having since taken ANT291 with Richard McElreath, I might advise taking ANT291 first and then evaluating whether POL213 is a good fit, but if you just want to know how to execute multinomial logits, ordered probits, and the like, this is a good, if challenging, option. Includes a mandatory poster presentation that much of the department attends at the end of the quarter.

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