Official Description: Lecture—4 hours. Prerequisite: Statistics 102 or the equivalent and graduate standing in Psychology or consent of instructor. Probability theory, sampling distributions, statistical inference, and hypothesis testing using standard parametric and correlational approaches. Analysis of variance, factorial and repeated measures, and tests of trends. Not open for credit to students who have completed course 206.—I. Ferrer, Widaman

Instructors: Emilio Ferrer

Other info and comments: Offered every Fall. Here is a slightly dated syllabus.

Software Used: R

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  1. MKC says:

    I am in the Ecology graduate group and needed a good overview of basic frequentist statistics before getting into the multivariate & Bayesian worlds, but was trying to avoid PLS205/SAS. PSC204A was recommended to me by some people in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group. This course was a great alternative because it uses R in lab and still covers most of the topics listed on the PLS205 syllabus.

    Emilio is an excellent teacher, straightforward lecturer, provides good class materials (Word docs of lectures) ahead of time, and encourages an interactive lecture. It was most helpful for to print out all of the lectures and annotate his notes during class. I don’t know about this for sure, but it seemed like the homework load was more reasonable than what people talk about in PLS205. Definitely still required several hours outside of class, but that was mostly because I was completely new with R and took 15 minutes to do things like open my .csv docs…

    There was an in-class midterm (I think open note?) and a very difficult take-home exam, but we had over a week to do it, which was great. Otherwise, your grade is based on your homework.

    I jumped into PLS206 this quarter and feel like PSC204A dropped me right off where I needed to be.

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