Official Description: Lecture—3 hours; laboratory—1 hour. Prerequisite: one introductory class in Statistics (such as 13, 32, 100, or 102), or the equivalent. Organization of computations to access, transform, explore, analyze data and produce results. Concepts and vocabulary of statistical/scientific computing. GE credit: QL, SE.—I. (I.)

Instructors: This is taught by Duncan Temple-Lang

Other info and comments: Syllabi and other material can be found at the course web site.  From the syllabus:

This class is about scientific and statistical computing. It is intended to provide you with a strong foundation in computing skills that are increasingly necessary for a practicing statistician and scientists generally.

  • The main topics that we will learn about during the class are
  • Data manipulation
  • The R environment and programming language
  • Text manipulation & Regular Expressions
  • Shell tools and programming and working with other languages
  • Web-related computing, Web services, XML
  • [Optional] Relational database management systems (RDBMS)

Software Used: Primarily R, with a few other complementary (free) tools

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