Official Description: Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite:
course 106, Economics 140, or equivalent, or consent of instructor. Application of statistical tools to economic and business analysis. Emphasis on regression analysis, problems of specification, and model development. (Same course as Economics 256.)—I. (I.) Green, Havenner. See the comments below. (This description in not in the current catalog, but an old one, see comments below)

Instructors: Previously Arthur Havenner, now Jim Chalfant

Other info and comments: This is the master’s level Ag Econ econometrics class – this is a more accessible version of the ECN 240 series (the PhD sequence), and has less theory and more application. Its focuses on regression (cross sectional and time series), and its more applicable to analysis of observational (rather than experimental) data.

The course is now taught as two courses, 256A and 256B, in the fall and winter.

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