Official Description: Lecture—3 hours; discussion/laboratory—3 hours. Prerequisite: upper division standing. Application of statistical methods to design and analysis of research trials for plant, animal, behavioral, nutritional, and consumer sciences. Basic concepts and statistical methods are presented in lectures, laboratories emphasize data processing techniques, problem solving, and interpretation in specialized fields. Not open for credit to students who have completed Agricultural Management and Rangeland Resources 120. (Former course Agricultural Management and Rangeland Resources 120.) GE credit: SciEng | QL.—I. (I.) Medrano, Teuber

Instructors: Larry Teuber

Other info and comments: Here is a sample syllabus from the instructor’s website. Also, here are course topics from the Plant Sciences website:

  1. Data exploration and summarization
  2. Normal and t distributions
  3. Chi Square distribution for Goodness of Fit and Contingency Tables
  4. Inferences for a population mean
  5. Inferences for two population means
  6. ANOVA – Completely randomized design
  7. ANOVA – Randomized complete block design
  8. Factorial treatment design
  9. Mean comparison
  10. Simple linear regression

Software used: SAS

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