Student seminar series schedule

2016, Spring quarter!
Apr 5: Marisa Trego (Whitehead Lab) “Comprehensive Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Southern California Common Dolphins”
Apr 12: Allison Simler (Rizzo Lab) “Blight of the Living Dead: Interactions between wildfire and disease in the forests of Big Sur”
Apr 19: Reid Brennan (Whitehead Lab) “Mechanisms of local adaptation to salinity in killifish”
Apr 26: Joanna Solins (Cadenasso Lab) “Vegetation and nitrogen dynamics in urban riparian zones”
May 3: Matt Whalen (Stachowicz Lab) “Community assembly across several scales of environmental heterogeneity”
May 10: Aviva Rossi (Van Vuren Lab) “Habitat Associations and the Potential for Climate-Change Induced Distributional Shifts of Three High-Elevation Ground-dwelling squirrels”
May 17: John Mola (Williams Lab) “When your field sites catch on fire but you really just want to catch bees”
May 24: Missy Partyka (McCowan Lab) “Impacts of disturbance on marine microbial communities”
May 31: Madeline Gottlieb (Arnold Lab) TBD (subject: fracking, environmental justice and civic engagement)


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